our story

Neko distributes bathroom, kitchen, laundry and plumbing products to Australian customers. Being closely associated with our customers, Neko knows the industry inside out, and we know what customers are looking for when they renovate a bathroom or kitchen, or build a new home.

Neko designs and sources stylish, contemporary products from factories overseas.  Not only must these products comply with all Australian standards, but they must also meet Neko’s own rigorous tests for quality, functionality, reliability and longevity.  Through our insistence on the best, our factories have been able to improve their own quality assurance.

Our speciality products are bathroom vanities, mirrors, taps, baths and accessories, kitchen sinks and mixers and laundry tubs.  All items come with full warranties.  They’re fashionable, affordable and designed to give years of robust service in the bathroom, kitchen or laundry.